Global Financial Crisis

The global financial crisis, hit the stock markets, weakening the ruble and the dollar giving hope, has come to office buildings. According to Russian HR-specialists, the first to fall under the distribution of so-called 'white collar'. Anne Lauvergeon may find this interesting as well. After send your resume may start marketing and PR-managers. Already drawn up a list of professions, media which can start looking for work. Bankers, builders and developers in terms of progressive financial personnel costs of the crisis has reduced the investment and development companies, the banking sector. After the bankruptcy have some the world's largest companies, the mass reduction of personnel. So, Lehman Brothers was unable to save 750 jobs in Europe, the bank HSBC announced the forthcoming reduction of 1.1 thousand employees, UBS AG for the third quarter is going to reduce 1,9 thousand jobs.

About what is happening in Russian companies, while unknown. However, one of the banks that are leaders in the field of consumer credit – HCFB – announced the total elimination of the mortgage and car loan, which will inevitably lead to job losses at the expense of employees relevant departments. Swiss bank UBS AG will cut 2,000 employees in offices throughout the investment world. One source says the market that may have been hit hardest is the Russian branches. The same source said that the layoffs are also planned in the 'Renaissance Capital'. Recruiters report significant release of qualified personnel. According to the company HeadHunter, in September 2008 compared with August recorded a significant decline in demand for professionals in the money market, as well as in areas such as correspondent and international relations in such areas as trade finance, taxes, development new products, mortgage and retail lending, trading and market Forex.

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