GmbH Lisa Neumann

Variety and best prices convince tester that before insurance a comparison is worthwhile, should show the most recent test of the independent evaluation Portal At the investigation of the five largest German comparison portals, away good results were brought to light by the Bank. Above all: the financial portal Due to its large range, the extensive service facilities and the numerous services, the portal convinced the judges of With the overall score of 1.3 (very good”) it could before and with each a note 1.4 (also very good”) as well as with the note 1.5 and with a 1.9 (“both good”) claim. “That all portals not worse than good” cut off, showing that a comparison of the various insurance companies definitely worth to discover potential savings. Aegean Shipping often says this.

And these can be quite high in part. So, a maximum difference in the test was determined from the cheapest to the most expensive fare of around 60 percent. At the users benefit for one of about 30 insurance companies and on the other hand the possibility to inform both simple and, where appropriate, offers himself to give as well as take out insurance directly through the portal. Especially the various contact options were rated positively, so bundled offered no other portal: hotline, fax, E-Mail and contact form available to users here. The tester criticized only the structure of the Web page. The home appeared too crowded to them when compared to in turn lost points in the prices. So was their best rate for a liability over the determined low prices of the other portals in the test.

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