Google Analytics

It's no secret that the counters to collect statistics, there are many. Every webmaster chooses the one that best meets their needs statistics. I want to tell you about the meter of Google Analytics. It is a treasure, for the beginner blogger or webmaster, and for the experienced. You can say a lot and with enthusiasm, but it is better to see once, and even better taste. In my article translated '3 tricks to make the potential of the site ' mention of Google Analytics.

But then I did not know what it is and therefore disregarded. I think it also came and many who read this article. But the subconscious was postponed, first because the expert advice, and secondly, because learning process should go forward, especially as SEO, is a vast ocean of information that should be able to use it. In short, now I just do not know what Google Analytics, but I use it. Now I want to share with you. Panel tools provides all kinds of reports: visits to and use of the site, technical skills (web browsers and connection speeds), sources of traffic (direct traffic, the source site, search engines, keywords words), Map Overlay (geography visitors), the opportunity to create a custom report.

I listed the most basic reports, which themselves contain yet all sorts of cuts. I think anyone interested, the sees itself and choose for themselves is necessary. Now I want to talk about how to connect to Google Analytics. Please note, there is a subtlety, without knowing that you can not do! So, go to Google Analytics, checking in (if you do not have an account) or go to your passwords. Next, you create a new account, click on the register and fill: URL web site, account name (the program prompts you to name your site URL, which is nice if you register multiple sites), country (Russia tops the list, do not search in alphabetical order), time zone and 'later'. Fill in the name, phone number is not necessary (you can put any numbers), 'later' – put a check that taking conditions and click 'create new account'. Now, attention! You will be prompted to insert the code on every page (if you're a website owner, then follow the instructions) immediately before the tag. But for bloggers with WordPress so not possible. Ignore the installation code and click 'continue'. You get into your account and you can see in the 'status' icon yellowish'!. This suggests that the code is not set and the process of tracking statistics does not work. Now need to go to your WordPress admin panel and activate the plugin 'Ultimate Google Analytics'. For those who do not know, under Plugins click 'Add new', we search for, add, activate. Then go to 'Settings', find' Ultimate Google Analytics' and put a tick in the 'Enable tracker', and, most importantly – copy the code from your account, Google Analytics, which you see against your site (for example, show how the code looks like UA-8913212-1). Click 'Update options'. Everything is ready, the next day you can watch your analyst. And the last. To verify that the code is installed correctly, in the 'Actions' click 'change' in the dialog box, click the 'check status'. Zhovten'ka icon '! changed to 'waiting for data. " Now everything. Good luck you and the influx of visitors to the intelligence of Google Analytics!

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