It was clear that there was an imbalance in the incomes of two workers and that he had some business between them and the engineer Huachano. Now we had to find out what was the business because they received money for operators. Of course this, we immediately that was the product of the robberies, but we needed evidence, hard evidence and he had none. We decided to continue our work and we began to closely monitor the movements of workers 24 hrs.Vigilancia front of their homes, monitoring their working hours around the clock, but nothing. Every day they used to work as usual and taking out the garbage as usual, then bathe in the shower, get dressed and leave home with the empty briefcase. Nothing illegal, nothing strange, nothing that would allow us to prove that they stole, drew something. They were not even friends with the guards, because they hated to believed.

Thefts followers, had not stopped. How did it? The guards checked carefully to each worker who was leaving the plant, each car, each package, bag, purse, but nothing. How ” came the theft? So when they took away was checked by the guards. We were big-headed, because they knew the suspected robbers, the waste of money that they made for their lifestyle, unusual for poor people, but we did not have a clue that will lead us to discover as they did. One night after several patrols and when we were about to lose the trust of whom we contract, we noticed something strange.

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