Guest Windows

Quality installation of wooden windows, plays a major role to save all of its high performance, and the wrong setting it would nullify all of its advantages. Installation of windows only on the mounting foam is fundamentally not correct, it is no secret that its life is not in the closed position is the strength of two or three years, after which it was completely destroyed by ultraviolet light and favorable weather conditions. Protection direct impacts only delay the destruction of the foam, because of the difference in temperatures and high humidity condensation may form not only on the windows, but inside the field joint. Over time, this can undertake to condensate and cracks in the window openings, the appearance of water on the windowsill, then drafts, mold and mildew at the junction between the frame and the wall and need to reinstall windows from the tree. 1 level of compaction with using self-expanding vapor permeable sealing strips (PSUL), provides protection from adverse weather conditions (rain, wind, snow), while remaining vapor-permeable, which helps remove moisture from the joint.

Level 2 seal with polyurethane foam insulation, provides thermal insulation and soundproofing. Located between the inner and outer insulating layers. Level 3 provides a seal vapor barrier tape, protecting the core layer from the effects of water vapor from the premises and also prevents the moisture on the inner slope of the plane of the wall of the condensate. Installation of windows on the system ensures the quality, durability and reliability in the joint operation, which is why we relate to installing windows properly, and execute the installation of a professional and high quality materials that it could be you happy for many years. Arrangements for removal of moisture (drainage) may be as wooden as well, and is made of aluminum, securely protecting from leaks, and protecting the material of wood windows from moisture.

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