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Vivafit, gyms franchise specializing in the care of women, has expanded its expanding Department signing Rodrigo Febrel Urraca. Born in 1978 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, although adoption salmantino, holds a degree in law from the Complutense University of Madrid and he has done a master of legal and estate planning to complete their academic training. In terms of your work experience, Rodrigo has developed his professional career as part of various expansion projects, both for the development of malls as for starting up of the masterfranquicia of a Portuguese company of cartridges, Smart Cartridge. This new addition is due to brand policy to strengthen their departments to meet the growing demand of requests for franchises. In Vivafit, this professional will develop the work help to entrepreneurs who wish to join this business concept: capture of franchisees and advice both the location of the premises and the consolidation of the opening.

Vivafit addition just present the results of the third quarter with growth of 25% over last year. The chain has closed this period with a turnover of 14,83 million euros, compared to the 11,83 in the same period of last year. In fact, the profitability of its concept interests beyond our borders, because its leaders expected to join shortly the newly released masterfranquicia of India at least other three master franchises outside the Iberian Peninsula: Brazil, Turkey and Chile, whose negotiations are very advanced. We are in negotiations with some of these countries because we believe that the sociodemographic characteristics and cultural of each they agree perfectly with our business concept, explains Pedro Ruiz, general director of the company, who ensures that the brand aims to sign unless the master of one of those three countries before concluding exercise. Vivafit business concept has been conceived and designed specifically for the female market after several studies in Spain and Europe. These analyses, along with the worrying increase in the percentage of adult women with problems of excess weight and growing awareness of the habit of exercise make Vivafit a concept that responds to this great market opportunity. MORE information: Vivafit is a network of centres of exercise, physical health and well-being for women, which provides a complete method to be in form with just 30 minutes of daily exercise, pilates and a program of nutritional education, all in a fun family atmosphere. This chain of franchise allows today’s woman staying fit in a quick way, since an instructor encouraged, corrected and motivates, but always respecting the pace and the possibilities of each partner.

The total investment required to become a franchisee of this signature varies between 120,000 and 130,000 euros, including a working capital, a right of entry of 14.433 euros, works of local adaptation and equipment required to equip a Center. There are three payments newspapers: a royalty of exploitation of 750 euros, a technological rate of 150 euros and a royalty of advertising of 300 euros. More information is housed here: Jeff Gennette. Vivafit in social networks: communication agency: Jjcomunicaccion 91 409 44 94 Destituyen Rector of Universidad Pedro Ruiz Gallo Lambayeque Base area: The best in actuality CatGenie SaniSolution Smart Cartridge original Francisca Langlois boxes arrive at UCM extension Maulee.CL II workshop on bioterrorism. New terrorist threat of the 21st century. Security and defence 120 CatGenie SaniSolution SmartCartridge, Fresh Scent Shopping Low Price All Electronics Brands Low Price and Cheap

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