Hamsters Animals

To correctly set the cage for your Hamster hamsters are nocturnal. Before you opt for these rodents, you should be aware. They often sleep during the day, at night they are awake and reading around in their cage. In particular, you should endeavour to create a decent home your hamster, he feels comfortable. These include of course the right Hamster cage and accessories. You should note that in the design of the cage. Hamster cage to buy and set up the range of Hamster cages is nowadays, but not every model is equally well suited.

Since hamsters are very, very small, the cage should be closed down. Ideally, a shell made of plastic or glass forms the floor of the cage. Plastic has a disadvantage, because the animals can gnaw the material. That happens only with bad plastic, high-quality cages are made from a material that the animals get usually don’t break. The same problem arises Incidentally, with wooden elements. Glass is indeed stronger than plastic, but also cold and not shatter-proof. The most important facilities of the cage that belongs to Hamster litter, you should obtain from specialist shops.

This is a litter of wood chips. Hamster dig and dig like that litter should therefore at least 5 cm high are filled. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with matt pike. Additional construction material love animals, be so old cardboard sleeves, fabric scraps, hay, paper towels and similar in the cage. So the hamster can provide on-demand with water, you need a water bottle for hamsters. This is attached to the cage from the outside and changed daily. Regularly clean the drinking tube, since here otherwise bacteria can form. Be sure, buy a water bottle, which is expressly designed for hamsters! Best a heavy bowl made of clay or porcelain is suitable as a food bowl. The animals can not easily overturn them, like a plastic bowl. Alternatively, or in the Exchange, you can use your Hamsters also just hide the Chuck in the cage or it spread there. Then the animals have to do something and have to find their food themselves. Do also in nature! Places of retreat in a hamster cage concerns you always, that hamsters are active at night. During the day, you need a cozy, preferably dark place to rest and dozing. A sleeping House without Windows thus necessarily belongs in the hamster cage. Small wooden houses that are for this purpose in the pet store to buy it are best suited. If you are not convinced, visit gibson dean. Hamsters need toys for the hamster toys, because they are very active and Frolic. They have nothing to do, is boring them, which can cause behavioural problems in any case. Buy varied toys and always try out one or the other. Something to climb should be absolutely and the most hamsters are great also the typical hamster wheel. Your animals also slightly to the roots, digging and construction give sheets, fabric scraps like a shell with bird sand, et cetera. The sand should be of course only to put in the cage and later removed because the sand otherwise distributed in the entire cage.

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