Helga Zietzschmann

Mediation as an appreciative and future-oriented solution is aggressive and ill frustration in the workplace. The performance of employees decreases. Error, resignation and disease-related personnel failures are the result. Western Union describes an additional similar source. Such a situation must not from an open conflict or even bullying occur, but can arise from immaturity or lack of communication, as shown in the following example: a large orthopedic practice an interesting training enables with 8 doctors and 20 employees the 9 full-time employees. The part-timers, for which training would have been interesting, the decision was neither explained, nor were they taken into account.

Discontent is spreading, and quickly creates a sense a two-class society. It now formed two camps, against each other rather than working together. In principle, one can say: the nucleus of every frustration is a unbefriedigtes need. The sick leave is increasing, is a growing frustration on both sides. Which one but are the Central needs in the workplace? The satisfaction in the workplace can be summed up in four consecutive needs: existence needs, which the law must comply with requirements social needs that are essential for a trouble-free operation. These differ in the formal relationship structure that is guaranteed through job descriptions, management policies, and the information structure. Informal social relations provide additional criteria for targeted personnel and staff welfare. Overall, the need for belonging to a team, a working group, work colleagues is a basic need of humans as social beings.

Personal attention needs, which allows positive command meant, like for example: praise, recognition, acceptance, but also position corresponding decision space with the aim of self determination and ownership for the purpose of improving the self-esteem of the individual to ensure. Growth needs as a pursuit of the people after the realization of his abilities, skills, and properties. ** Helga Zietzschmann; Conflicts in the workplace maintenance; Schattauer 2000 conclusion we can say that festering conflicts in health care all the people working there energy and joy in the work Rob. It is all the more important, here in time to intervene, to detect conflicts at an early stage and to work with the concerned solutions. Ideally in the company or the respective institution for such cases, there are trained mediators (ex.:), which act as a neutral partner, bring parties to the table and they make specialized moderation means, to work out a solution with which both can live in the future. Instead of frustration, resignation and disease, so a decent togetherness and joy of the work will be ready for. Interested in detailed information under: Dipl.-ing. Kai Bromine man

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