Here Comes the Truth

Christ is not an addition, Christ is not for Sunday only. Christ is not entertainment in the week, or a lightweight item. Christ is God, a l want today taking place that is rightfully yours, our hearts. I repeat, oh I gonna take it! AMIO are you! I said the Lord. We like Isaac Christ was God. Our hearts belong only a l. Do we know? Where is start looking? What comes first in our lives? The husband, wife, or his lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, home, car, work, money, clothing, food, drink, latent defect, depression, low self esteem, resentment, envy, hypocrisy …

Who is the one that governs our thoughts? What or who occupied a place that belongs only to Jesus? And we think most Christian until it’s time to decide, as I came to Abraham, as he came to Sarah, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Samson, David, Elijah, Peter, Paul, you and me. What will be our response? Beloved, we can not respond as the rich young ruler, we can not end up like Saul term, no. What God has asked us some time ago and we have not yet delivered?. There can be sadness, we think, is forced to hand over our finances, our marriage, our children, work, and our infirmities of soul and body. But no longer feel alone, out of my life depression, fornication, double life, sin. Today is the day to deliver them what you want Lord, will be today on my salvation … 22 to 23 May Galatas said: But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and temperance.

That is what We stop to respond affirmatively to God and obey? We should obey brothers, it is in fruit and overflowing blessing. The Lord does not want to happen today. No more excuses, no more postponement. Abraham was not and neither do we. Are we ready? Pride, arrogance and pride should not decorate the walls of our heart when we do this exercise. It was wonderful when the angel of the Lord called to him saying: Do not lay your hand on the boy or harm him because I know that you fear God … The Lord provided the ram of sacrifice, Jehovah father provided. Christ provided, delivery of a cross and took the place that only we share. God allowed his son to be slaughtered at the hands of a mob who did not know he did. And he did it for love, freed us from death to offer eternal life. -Padre this cup pass from me!, But not my will but yours. Those were his words. Peter once said, Master, all we have been working night and have caught nothing, but in your word I will let the network. All who obey the Lord will receive great blessings, that’s their promise. a l has great blessing for you this fine morning. Only asks for obedience and faith. Surrender our lives as a sacrifice of sweet smell. And if we even asked the most beloved let us not hesitate to give it today.

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