Holistic Education

Talk of the editorial work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is a highly rewarding adventure as it involves dwelling on current issues such as irrefutable spirituality, universal love and holistic education. The first book, holistic education, effective teaching is, of holism and universal love, fused to give answers to the major current problems of mankind through education. The abundant production that happens is an expansion of this organism as a stem cell that is generating differentiated cells for specific attention in this universal love that generates them. Thus we have "Dialogues Holistic, Wisdom, Love and Compassion," The Way of the Perennial Philosophy, "" The Spirit of Education "," A Comprehensive View of Education "," Pedagogy of Universal Love, "" The Education of the Heart, "Learning to Be", "Education and Spirituality", "Spiritual Intelligence" and "Learning Communities" The book written by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is only part of his work of universal love, it is not reduced to writing and oral discourse but is accompanied by actions. In the books mentioned is repetitive in terms of value given to education, but understood as the process of development of the whole which includes the development of consciousness, spirituality, multiple human capacity for reason, sensory perceptions, emotions. The holistic view is strengthened by reading each of his books, which does not draw boundaries or barriers between the physical and metaphysical, between the finite and the infinite, between the original life manifested over about 20,000 years; between the Big Bang and galactic events of the moment. .

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