How To Open A Deposit In Foreign Bank

To open a deposit abroad, you must provide zabugornye bank the following information and documents: a copy of your passport, documents from the police (that you just do not have and had no problem with them). And most importantly it is the latter, since it is a crucial fact to provide you with the deposit. Document pit – with a three-year history of your disability, certified by a notary. If you're an entrepreneur – in this case must provide information about the kind of activity. So to sum togas, collecting all the necessary documents you can safely send them to a foreign bank for consideration. If successful, the approval of your documents, bank will send you your documents in the form of 2 copies. Which gives the right to cooperate with the bank. Well as information on current conditions of the deposits. Deposit amount can be from 1 euro, money transfer carried out almost any of the methods which are now available (webmoney, pay pal, Yandex Money, bank transfer, etc.).

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