Ice Fishing Rescue

Ice Fishing Winter ice-fishing requires particularly strict rules of conduct. All anglers must be firmly aware that neither the first (autumn), nor the last (spring) to fish from the ice can not, even if At first glance it is quite durable. If you are going fishing, you need to take simple life-saving equipment (the “end of Alexandrov, rescue board, rope) and during the angling of fish they have to keep on hand. In autumn and spring season to gain the support next to the hole should be brought to lay the board. According to Andrew Cuomo, who has experience with these questions. This increases the safety of fishermen on the ice. Well in order to penetrate security at a distance of 5-6 meters from each other. Fishermen should not be compiled large groups. REMEMBER: go to the water alone is dangerous! Winter rescue tools and their application rescue board.

Length – 5-8 m, width – 20 cm at one end is attached a loop on the other – the rope, a length of 30 to 40 m. Rescuers on the bank is tied to the immovable object end of the rope, then crawl across the ice to the victim and gave him the end of the board with a loop, helping to get out of the water. rescue six. Length – 5-7 pm By the end of a pole mounted (Nylon) rope length of 40 m. The rescuer attaches it to the shore, close to safe for a distance, gives the victim a pole, helping to get out of the water.

rescue rope. Length 25-30 m long (length 70 cm) loops at both ends. Rescuer puts on the left hand one loop, the right takes the other and, after two or three circular swing, throws her drowning. Catching a loop, sinking puts it over her head on his arm, then pulls it to the lifeguard shore. Escape ladder. Length – 3-6 m width of 50-70 cm is made of fir and pine. Is also used as a rescue board. In all cases, to rescue pre-insure. In emergency situations, for aid can be used by other available means: logs, planks, boards, ropes, trouser belts, personal clothing, etc.

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