IClear Best November

Online purchase desire meets fiduciary security notwithstanding the prophecies of doom from business and politics: the online trade is booming. This also the iclear figures show how Managing Director Roman Eiber explains: we see two trends that are massively increase in the past few months. Firstly, The online purchase desire of citizens is undiminished. And secondly: more and more distributors and end customers evidently see that the fiduciary principle of iclear offers the highest security in online trading. That pleased of course.\” \”This development had its zenith in November of 2008 Roman Eiber: our sales were last month to 50 percent above those of November 2007, and thus considerably higher than our expectations, even though we had planned already a considerably stronger growth than the average increase of the market.\” Also the iclear dealers increase was in November by nearly 50 per cent above that of the previous month. Almost equally strong that turned out plus to end customers who rely on iclear payment provider. Since the founding of our company, we have never had a strong November.

iClear grow further significantly faster than the market.\” \”One hundred percent payment guarantee confidence more and more online retailers are interested in how iclear transferred their payment processing an experienced specialists who take care of not only the complete integration in the shop and the entire settlement for the traders, but significantly reduced even the risk of non-payment.\” iclear a wholly owned payment guarantee for all transactions is its dealers as fiduciary payment provider with iclear customers. The customer receives a one hundred percent money-guarantee of back from iclear, if the goods are not correctly delivered or he does not want to keep. That creates trust in online trading on both sides and it brings more satisfied customers and more sales traders\”, so the iclear – Managing Director. Online Commerce continues to grow according to the Federal Association of the German mail order company are Germans spend this year around 19.3 billion euros for the online purchase of clothing, books, airline tickets or music files.

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