Important Rules For Delivery Of Steel Doors

Important rules for delivery of steel dveri.Vsem know what to choose doors will last a long time and properly, it requires professional installation. But buyers often lose sight of this important process, as the delivery door, relying in this on suppliers. In order not to bite your elbows, you should know that there are certain rules for delivery and storage doors. Steel entrance doors custom doors and other delivered by the rules of cargo transportation, and accommodation and securing of vehicles produced, respectively, the technical conditions of loading and securing cargo that operate in this mode of transport. Door should be packed in a special film. Sometimes, the customer's request can be made more packaging in corrugated cardboard. Store items to be installed in packaged form. When storing the door with a wooden finish, it is necessary to protect them from temperature changes, adverse effects of precipitation and mechanical damage.

When storing the product can not they put on each other, and between them must Be sure to install strips of elastic material (eg, polystyrene). After delivery, be sure to check the complete set of delivered items. Includes a door unit must be ordered a set of fittings: handles, decorative hinges and caps for plugs, valves, etc. A list of all components, must be carried out in the order form, which is issued to the customer when ordering. Also, make sure that Metal tambour doors or iron gates economy delivered safely and without damage. When the illiterate delivery door deformation.

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