In Europe

In Europe there are countries with weekly days of 32 hours, and it seems to them excessive. In Colombia it is of 48 hours and the majority of our colleagues works around one hundred hours in two and three works. An aberration. At what time they live, they love, they study, they dream and they grow like human beings? He is natural that like product of it, is parents indifferent absentees, spouses neglected, friendly. Keith Yamashita pursues this goal as well. He is that they physically do not have time but to be in a turn, to tie with another one and to try to recover of them to recommence the merry-go-round. At what time they update themselves, to what hours they read, yes have time to occur a gustico without eagerness, races, being watching the clock to go away to undertake a new day? It does not seem to him abominable to walk with the clothes in the car, to sleep three to five nights per week outside the house in a bed of collective use, without the privacy of the own bath, inserting of eaten eagerness scrap iron in the changes of the traffic light while he goes from a site to another one? He is not horrible that the wife must take to the children to the work the week ends to him, because of another form it is not possible that they see themselves and they share although is minutes? And they spend the years, and nothing that lowers to the rate. The permanent self-deception does not allow him to see that it is leaving in a work youth and the health while the banking account gets fat that probably others are going to enjoy. Clearly, it bought a house in a layer two layers over his, because it cannot be inferior to the companion who went ahead to him in the decision and he cannot be in the district of always, because one must progress in the life.

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