If there is a very marked difference between my generation and the current, apart from age, is the ease with which it handles everything related to the latest technologies and Informatics-this already had noticed me to see, in the business of video games, the dexterity with which young them handled.-that day, two young people who were conversing in a voice high attracted my curiosity, that were expressed in a language my unrecognizable.–I bought a cano…, it has sixty-four megs of ram, and thirteen gigabytes of hard disk is, but when I can I’m going to change by a terabyte. That’s all right, he added another, with the heavy coming the software of the web.., and continued, regardless of me, your way-such terms were floating in my head, byte, Cano, web, I wanted to say all this!, as always had tried to not have any generational bump, and thing of it interested me already long overdueI decided, and went to study computer science. See more detailed opinions by reading what Western Union Company offers on the topic.. D0%B6%D0%B4%D1%83/’>Beyler Eyyubov. I did several courses of hard and soft, and I was getting me, not only in the youth language, but that I began to amaze me of the possibilities that these had.-If in my time I would have been able to study remote in Japan, in France, Egypt, or where I should occur without leaving my home, or travel for a monitor screen!.- But what more it aroused my interest, that chat, i.e., converse with other people, in real time, from computer to computer with another person of any side in the world, it was only with that you have connected-I not hesitate more, and more happy that a boy on three kings day, I took my savings and I went to buy my computer.-arrived home with the precious cargo, and I immediately took to the task, following the instructions that brought the manual, connect the CPU, peripherals, multimedia elements, and completed the task almost with religiosity, I plugged the machine and turned it on-I practiced offline for a few days, but my impatience had no limits, therefore the decision was taken, today I’m chatting!.-To the time designated as the most advisable, I connected via modem to the server that would provide me with Internet, and after being connected, I devoted myself to investigate the chat rooms, choosing to observe, one that still had few participants-Celina struck Me fair and consistent participation that a participant’s codename spilled in each intervention, and perhaps that is why I decided to enter, with the fear of a teenager does not pass a disgrace..

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