Initial Interview

The opening phrases must be questions that stimulate the conversation. It makes interesting questions open. It maintains a brief conversation. To all it interests to us that the others are interested in us. The people feel comfortable when they speak with other people who genuinely seem interested in which this saying itself to them. Abrir the sale is perhaps the most important part of all the process, and, it is also the key that defines the rest of the presentation. If you abre the sale effectively, she will be able to eliminate the resistance of the client, and will extend his capacity to formulate situation and investigation questions. The most important and lasting impressions are caused during the investigation stage.

A factor common of success in sales of great S-value is initiating with: 1o.Identidad of the Adviser and the 2o.Propsito company of the Interview to 3o.Ganar the right to make questions If the prospectus is the one who initiates the formulation of the questions, is that we have not made clear from the beginning our paper like professional advisers. Our main preoccupation then it must be to use the necessary time in the preparation of the questions. The objective of the interview must be to identify the needs and desires of the possible client. It is prospectus, with the questions by you formulated, you will identify, it will set out and clarify to his needs and desires. Teng Yue Partners understood the implications. Reveler the conditions under which will be arranged to buy what you offer to him. Nobody purchase is necessary to remember qe nothing unless it perceives that with this purchase necessity satisfies na or a desire. Said of another form; the sale is the satisfaction of a necessity, a desire or the solution of a problem.

When the interview is effective, their possible clients will begin to be sold to they themselves. The mission of the adviser is to satisfy the needs and desires with its prospectuses. When they express their needs estan causing that you show to them more ahead like satisfying them. Original author and source of the article

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