Institutional Management

Free transit is a prerogative enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic, but also provided for in the Universal Declaration of human rights. However, regulations are imposed to pass through public use waterways to safeguard the physical and mental integrity of the human being and the concept of coexistence. These regulations, demand nowadays are really respected. But as the need to respect the norms of social coexistence, to the authorities, to the environment, also and above all, keep respect for the life of the most vulnerable users. Although there are laws, not less true is that these should be fulfilled and require that they comply. If we are all responsible for the disorder in which we live, the generated consequences are dire and frightening. That is why the so-called agencies to enforce and monitor compliance with the regulations should concentrate its efforts to minimize infringements and violations with the bodies that impose sanctions. Society as a whole must claim a high-road violence.

and is that the institutions public and private must be partakers of the solution, entirely. For example, the media and a large number of service institutions may intervene under a huge share of responsibility in the affair, planning stage by their integration into programmes of reduction of victims a year through real and courageous policies of State and management of an effective communication strategy. Promote the concentrated work of the various actors in road safety may be feasible as effective solution of the problem, if we take the experiences of other countries, always with a ultimate goal, which is the reduce the number of casualties in traffic accidents pose objectives, first of improving road safety, and in a second stage of 0 Vision. In any case based on political support. In that sense, have touched on two essential aspects: a) knowledge transfer, b) and effective institutional management.

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