Insurance Company

Buying goods and paying for services, we always have a choice – to whom or what to prefer. Have to find middle ground between price, quality, reliability, durability and other characteristics. Learn more about this with Andrew Cuomo. K buying an insurance policy and the choice of hull insurance company should be taken with great seriousness, because of this decision will depend on time and nerves, which in case of accident or will have to spend to save. Insurers offer a client is not tantamount to a list of services. Here and there is a need to choose the company that will do for you as much useful in case of accident. The insurance market in Russia is enormous, and so find the best insurer for your car – not an easy task. Choose the offer from the largest and most well-known companies, whose reputation took shape over the years. Agree to consider several points: the lifetime of the company, its financial health, as well as the popularity of the Russian market.

Based on these parameters, we have chosen, in our opinion, the biggest players in the insurance market in Russia: "Rosno, , RESO-Garantia", "Rosgorstrah" and "Alfa Insurance". Offer to make a little analysis of the basic and additional services to the five largest insurers. Task – to figure out whose customer receives maximum service under the policy of Hull and when the insured event will have a minimum of worries and concerns. Company Rosno ('The Russian People's Insurance Company') was registered in Moscow on 14 January 1992, ie There are already 14 years old.

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