International Monetary Fund

(Quote from the Germany radio). The Monster for the worldwide, worked himself for the part, (the International Monetary Fund, IMF), appears in to have ingested or mouth death made. Official site: Chobani refugees. He has disappeared without a trace. Almost everywhere in the world and in the entire EU area are the poorest of poor, middle class, retirees, small business owners and workers, you are already so very strained, pulled through the financial crisis and economic crisis, and not controlled banking, caused through the $Tschankies as thanks for their daily, physical and intellectual post harassed and over the table. Yes them throwing behind even constantly, that they have lived beyond their means. It lacks only the why, when and who.

A world without prosperity and progress, it must not be. Standstill, hunger and extreme poverty would be the result. But careful control to the so-called homework. It is caught and taken, the cows to the milking for tomorrow are where there is already nothing more and have something else. You will wonder yet who feel yet with their 50 shares, Mercedes on rates and her cottage as a friend of the dollar – and Euro-Tschankie. You will lose everything.

The $Tschankies will continue to the bitter end and like every Tschankie express themselves before the withdrawal. Legal training is not necessary because these Tschankies are the law. The ominous European Commission threatened the euro States with sanctions worth billions of dollars if they not cut their budgets to pay their debts at the monster. All consigns so it is preached by our politicians. To happen in the year anno 2011. Who considers it a conspiracy theory – has lost all sense of reality. There are many ways to take the last man. They are all in the form of stand cuts in social spending of type of, etc. known. To avoid a pan-European revolt and strikes to the Greeks accused, they would live from our taxes and when the Spaniards, etc, you act displeasure as well and vice versa, if the monster, to stir up jealousy and envy Europe is split.

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