Internet Buzz

About Using the model of Internet users, we hope to create a strong buzz in the World Wide Web, translate the project into all major languages, to modify the ideal model of society and provide an alternative to the Government most countries. We insist that: all governments have refused to conceal information about the real situation in the world, stop the war and moved to the present policy of compromise, rejected by putting funds in the arms, gradually disbanded army, softened laws, introduced a new system of education; produced many social changes began to actively protect against possible effects of global warming; begun to use alternative, cleaner technologies … Our proposed model is based on socialist principles and spirituality, and proves the possibility of free and intelligent existence. It is important to understand that for full implementation of the proposed take time, but if we do not start now – tomorrow may be too late. We propose a transparent system, the principle of the existence of which will be intelligent life. At the moment Human intelligence is suppressed in various ways, as a reasonable society can not be manipulated. In place of blind faith and spirituality comes speculation. Gradually disappear war, borders, restricting the freedom of organization, poverty, mental health problems, …

The proposed model can be divided into four parts – external, social, spiritual and planetary improvements. External – a policy of compromise, waiver of confidentiality, blurring the boundaries and the gradual dismantling of the army … Social – improving education, increasing wages and reducing dependency on the financial system, the introduction of emergency services, phasing out system constraints, the formation of the Council, … Spirituality – Spirituality Planetary Institute – the transition to alternative technologies, cooperation with higher civilizations, protection from possible damage caused by the global warming … If you think about it, you'll find that all of the above can be implemented – it would wish.

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