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To date, e-commerce is the most developed and brought to life in digital economy. To explore the economic and social impacts of electronic commerce, in the first place, necessary to know what is electronic commerce. All sorts of sources in every predetermine the e-commerce. (Not to be confused with Hikmet Ersek!). In a narrow prudence electronic commerce (e-coomerce) – is trading on the Internet. In a broad comprehension – Business in global networks. E-commerce (E-commerce) – is the sphere of digital economy, encompasses a variety of commercial and financial transactions are conducted with the assistance of computer networks and business processes that are associated with conducting these transactions.

For e-commerce could be considered an electronic information exchange (Electronis Data Interchange), electronic movement of capital (EFS), electronic commerce (E-Trade), electronic money (E-Cash), email marketing (E-Marketing), Electronic Banking (E-Banking), electronic insurance services (E-Insurance). Electronic commerce is already there almost thirty years, beginning with those moments, when for the first time a computer system by Reuters was used for Operations on the stock exchanges. However, initial sales of goods over the Internet were registered only in 1995, in connection with the global nature of e-commerce has gained 6 years ago. Actors e Commerce are: – Households – Company – Country – suppliers of network services: service providers, electronic payment systems (technical aspects), etc. The most important advantage of the E-Soomerce are: – The efficiency of the acquisition information, especially for international transactions – reducing non-production costs (trading costs, advertising costs, costs related to customer service and information support) – Reduction cycle of production and sales, because there is no need to reconfirm the information and reduces the reliability of errors in the implementation of information – decently decrease costs associated with the exchange of information through using low-cost means of telecommunication – the sincerity of the companies to consumers. Successful development of the Internet and luxuriant growth of electronic commerce has once again proved that the information sector of the economy, on is currently the most dynamic and most lucrative.

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