Internet People

It asks to the anxious people where they want to arrive. It asks to the irritated people with the slowness of the Internet, if they already had faced a bank line. She asks to the irritated people with the colleagues, if they already had passed one week alone, without at least receiving a phone call from somebody. If we could have the same patience that our grandmothers or who knows, to understand that without it we will not be winning in our battles, therefore is enough to look at to our redor and to perceive that the base of all the successful accomplishment is in the patience: a mother to load in the col its son, a seed to changed itself into delicious fruit, of entardecer to the new day that is born everything in them leads to meditar on why? Why we do not obtain to have patience? you? Also it is without patience? It is asked: which is the purpose of its life? Is running in such a way pra what!? It is surprised at the vacant. This estresse wild of the people does not have a significant end.

Where we want to arrive with this intolerncia without end? Our heart goes to support? If we died today, the world would go to stop? Wlliam Shakespeare said, with a wisdom uneven, that ' ' with the time you learn that she does not matter in how many pieces its heart was broken, the world you do not stop, so that you it conserte' '. Therefore, friend () reading (), if you obtained to read until here without losing the calm, she remembers that the world is only in its first return, and with certainty, in the end of the day goes to around complete its turn of the sun, with or without its patience. Let us can perceive the largeness of the patience in the beings that are to our redor and mainly let us have patience with we ourselves. Text adapted with the contribution of Roberta Daniel Folle (For: Jaime Folle) *As phrases in prominence is of my authorship and opinion, inside what it would like that was retaken and strengthened by means of the text.

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