Internet Rich

Brazil? Where it is in this history? Brazil is a great joke, to the eyes of the others. Enxerga this who does not only want, or who thinks that this here is great ‘ ‘ fbula of crescimento’ ‘. True ‘ ‘ country of the wonders, rich in efficient environment, citizenship and politics, that please to all for the world inteiro’ ‘. In the truth this is the country here where the media controls the great parcel of the opinions, where it does not have truth laws, where rich is benefited with more money still and the poor persons are stimulated brazenly simply to dream of the wealth of that rich one, up there. It stops at this moment and it tries to imagine how many people had died trying to reach this dream! How many people if had submitted to make what they, the great ones, impose! I bet that if these people came back to the life, with certainty would again try to run without second thought behind this illusion that is the money. Who was more intelligent would try to knock down all this drug that contaminates. later asks ‘ to me; ‘ how that a child takes a weapon for inside of a classroom in a particular college, and goes off against the other? ‘ ‘ She is simple! The children nowadays have access to the violence the entire day, every day of the year. It binds the TV and sees murder, rape, genocide, pilantragens, corrupes But and education of really?! It sees? In the ways where if she would have, for obligation, to stimulate the child to think about a worthy future, if to interest for politics, in exchange it attends televisionada misery, Internet repleta of futilidades and exibicionismos of a failed ideology of that ‘ ‘ you what you dress, purchase, as you if hold socially, if you are popular, if you tan musics of the fashion, if you frequent Mc the Donald? s regularmente’ ‘ for goes there..

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