ITSM Consulting AG

ITSM consulting: Strategic change to the IT quality management necessary for many years was discussed ITIL as a magic formula for the optimization of IT service management. From point of view of ITSM Consulting AG, this framework but not all problems in the IT organizations. Rather, there is the need to reposition themselves ITIL-based strategic and to dedicate the so far not sufficiently focused IT service quality. Frank Joseph, CEO of the consulting firm, has this basic idea theses on the further development of the IT service management derived from: the narrow focus on individual rules and regulations will be abandoned: every framework has a specific focus and neglected other aspects of performance. So, for example, ITIL focuses on process orientation in IT management, while COBIT provides the quality control in the foreground. For the future there should be therefore reinforced solutions of requirements in the IT service management smart links of several rulebooks. Quality in the IT service management was far too general and not operable defined: Without clear standards it is difficult, hitting specific targets, to identify areas for improvement, and specifically to improve the performance.

But so far, most companies have avoided it on a very practical level, and this means the own quality claims in different performance values to be expressed for all relevant IT services. The previous process orientation has been only an intermediate stage: the spread of ITIL-compliant processes was necessary, but a process management is not to be equated with a necessary quality management of IT services. Therefore, it requires a substantial development by IT organizations now must devote the quality-oriented IT service management according to the phase of the process-oriented IT service management, if they want to stop himself not even in their further development of performance. Business alignment does not work without quality-oriented IT processes: particularly the middle market business processes require the IT services supporting a high quality of performance.

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