Jewelry Store

You are the owner of a jewelry store or just decided to start a business, start a jewelry store? Not sure what kind of equipment do you need? The answer is simple. You need to first display equipment. You probably do not seen that jewelry stores are lined with samples of products at the beautiful plates. This so-called demonstration equipment for jewelry stores. Usually, jewelry demonstration equipment understand that the plates for rings, plates for suspensions, tablets for earrings, plates for chains, rings, racks, jewelry cases, and various other things. Storefront – the person of the company and your product. It is therefore necessary careful approach to the selection of equipment for the jewelry store. Do not forget to buy jewelry for your store packaging.

This is usually different boxes and cases for jewelry that is made of wood, leather and velvet. Carefully walk up to the selection plates. After all, the plates are usually located very expensive item, such as earrings. There are different types of plates – plates for rings, earrings for Tablet, Tablet chains and others. How to choose the provider of the demonstration equipment. In Moscow, we can recommend a company demo Jewel-style, which has recently entered the market, but has managed to earn the trust of many jewelry companies due to its high-quality jewelry equipment.

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