November 5 in the Marble Hall of the Central House of Journalists held a summit meeting. Russian actress Kate Starshova, known for her role Buttons from the television show 'Daddy's Daughter', took the German actress Emma Preyzendans, Katinka plays (German buttons, I mean) in the German analogue of 'Full House daughters'. The reason for the summit served as a crisis … The meeting was scheduled Buttons and Knophen long time, but busy work schedule interfered with both leaders. Timetable and unsolved problems in mathematics.

Now that the quarter has ended and the situation gets out of the crisis are long-awaited meeting did take place. World public opinion both in Russia and in Germany with links upcoming negotiations hopes. On the agenda are the most important issues: the establishment of contacts for further fruitful cooperation and exchange of experience. Frau Knophen in Moscow for the first time, so your busy schedule visit there was a place for the informal part. Together with pom she visited manufacturing facilities. But during the tour and the heroine did not forget the main purpose of his visit and continued to share their experience. The negotiation process Buttons and Knophen covered a number of acute problems could not resist the dramatic statements. In the evening at a news conference it became clear agreement was reached and the leaders of all the series yet to agree.

Another result meeting is informal, the leaders were able to establish personal contact, which was demonstrated to reporters after exchanging gifts of signs. By the way, Emma was waiting for a full program here. The girl arrived in Moscow with her mother and older sister. – I have not seen anything in Moscow – shared the little girl with us. – But tomorrow we will go to Red Square and Sparrow Hills. Must-see destination of the visit Emma-Katinka was laying flowers at the monument … Winnie the Pooh. It turns out that this is in the suburban

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