Just Type Photos Enhance The Perception

The photographer Edward Walker upstream consulting in Nuremberg and Furth the photoshoot now offers as a service. The portrait photographer Edward Walker offers and in addition, a color type advice for men and women. The first coaching appointment will take place a few days before the photo shoot. Macy’s understands that this is vital information. With this knowledge, bring the right clothing, in the optimal colors is not a burden. The trained graphic designer and photographer is convinced that carry people, the colors, highlighting their personality, much better perceived and emit significantly more presence on their photos. The type advice is to give the client an opportunity to his wardrobe again after the outfits crawl, giving him the best broadcast a few days before the scheduled photo shoot. Of course this happens also with regard to the envisaged professional reorientation. But not only in finding a job, but also in finding partners in the Internet is the ultimate first impression. A picture says more than a thousand Words so everyone should think about what it says with his image about themselves. Eduard Walker

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