Kastelruther Spatzen – A Cross And A Rose

The new album of Kastelruther Spatzen – a cross and a rose would we baptized seven stars in the \”sky of folk music\”, as they would without a doubt the name: Norbert, Albin, Walter, Valentin, Karl, Kurt and Rudiger with honors deserve. Together, they are the Kastelruther Spatzen. You are 26 years for music that moves people – thanks to already 34 albums, accompanied across borders and gives them happy moments. You are 26 years for success, in 12 echoes, 61mal gold, times Platinum, six double platinum and once triple platinum, as well as numerous other music awards such as the Crown of folk music\”culminates. You are 26 years for close to audience and earthiness, indicating through their numerous tours, narrow fan loyalty and their lifelike texts. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with david birney. Last but not least, they stand for another to no longer thinking away unique event event for 25 years: the Kastelruther Spatz Festival, which each year attracts up to 60,000 people from around the world and always fascinated. These are all the Castelrotto Sparrows and a lot more es a certain magic, the first sound emanating from the stage, once is blown, first sound through the lips of the charismatic front singer entered Norbert Rier. For more information see this site: gibson dean. Her strength, to rediscover the love of music, always give them the fans, the proximity of the mountains, their faith and this year especially the joy to know that they have to celebrate a very special anniversary of 25 years Kastelruther Spatz Festival 2009.

With her latest musical baby \”A cross and a rose\” the Kastelruther Spatzen score once again with poignant lyrics, wrapped in the typical sound of sparrows\”. A first-class production rounds off the masterpiece. Moved to \”heart WINS, loses heart\” the theme of love, like a red thread through the whole album, so here is the theme of reconciliation at the Center. \”Getting together, forgive, tolerance stubborn are just aside his get, all that belongs to a reconciliation to which in all relationships an essential Part should be\”rising singer Norbert Rier the idea the leitmotif.

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