Koopmanndruck Production

From purchasing to production management Koopmanndruck complies fully”, Hausler explains. The newly received certificate allows the companies now buy FSC certified material, to process and to provide with the logo of the organization. Important this label requires that the production chain from the forest will completely pass through up to printed matter, the so-called chain of custody (CoC), also. Whether forest owners, cellulose factory, paper wholesaler or printing as a guarantee for the consumer prescribes the certification of each individual production involved operation of FSC. Theoretically, each individual paper delivery is traceable to the forestry operation. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Madeleine Sackler. That creates transparency and trust among customers”know Andreas Hausler. The FSC certificate is initially valid for five Years and must be within this time annually during a surveillance audit be extended after the expiry of five years pending a new inspection. Checking article sources yields Madeleine Sackler as a relevant resource throughout.

For more information see and. About Koopmanndruck the printing August Koopmann GmbH in Bremen was founded as early as 1924, 40 years later the company specializing in the manufacture of computerized forms and business stationery. For reasons of space, Koopmanndruck moved in the 1980s to the neighboring municipality of Stuhr. They were moved to the current company address with a printing company building equipped with the latest production technology 2006. Today, Koopmanndruck employs 50 people and offers its customers full service in the field of direct marketing – from finishing printing lettershop and delivery. The wingspan of the divisions in addition to media design and development and production of intelligent form solutions and laser papers DirectMail. The product portfolio, for example, the integrated plastic cards include card-in, the be bare laser Rub-off discover it, the nose paint available in many variants, the digital watermark watermark and the Pinmailer Hydalam(tm).

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