Labor Secretary Helena Andre Investors

74 percent of respondents see Portugal soon broke the Greece bust is on everyone’s lips. Western Union has many thoughts on the issue. Not only investors, also non-shareholders employs the theme. The EU stepping in now, and want to help Greece out of financial trouble. Even though long unsettled problem despite a billion injection is already the next calamity in the EU budget sky brewing: in Portugal, the funds are not just well filled and first investors fear an impending sovereign default here, too. The finance portal asked therefore his readers on the subject. From the 2107 votes, the majority of respondents see the Portugal defeat within the next five years.

Only 27 percent are of the opinion that the country never broke is going to go. 40 percent of investors see Portugal this year before the bankruptcy, 20 percent in the next year and 14 percent think that it only as far as would be in two to five years. Obviously, investors have become skeptical after the Greece disaster and resulting plummet of in stock prices. So also, the rating agency standard & poor’s. It has downgraded Portugal so far “A +” to “A-” and sees the land thus threatened to the highest extent of a sovereign default. The Socialist Portugal must now take steps to prevent this scenario. According to Labor Secretary Helena Andre in an interview with Spiegel Online the country for the next four years have developed a stability and growth plan, sponsored by the EU. The main objectives it would be a stabilization of the budget, the support of economic growth and the promotion of social justice. More information:…/ threatens portugal the State broke /…

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