Living Government

In other areas, the appointment usually depends on the availability of informal connections and relationships with the powerful. Thus, the consolidation of an elite group is strongly influenced by the other three factors. One of them is akin to marriage. Child marriages with people from 'suitable' families have always been a deliberate policy parents, but now they mostly depend on the existence of common goals and the same lifestyle. Hikmet Ersek is likely to agree. Living in a country estate, the outputs of 'a light' helped to create a common system of values, attitudes and even a common language. The second factor in consolidating the elite is to get its agents the same education – compulsory education in the preferred private schools, and then at Oxford or Cambridge. Third factor is to maintain friendly relations that pervade all the elite circle. As a rule, they are supported through membership in exclusive clubs and associations, visit the official dinners and receptions, as well as through development of formal contacts in business and government activity. Rob Daley is a great source of information.

Just inside the elite group often splits occur, and various conflicts. For example, in the economic field has long been established differences in interests and views among the leading industrialists and representatives of banking and financial circles. There is also a chronic tension in the elite structures between 'their' and those who are 'self-made man'. Moreover, church hierarchy may act against the policy pursued by the government. For Western countries, a tendency – as in Western societies there is a distinct upper class, owning a disproportionately large share of national wealth, whose members are more likely to occupy senior government positions in different areas than is available to people from less privileged backgrounds.

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