Low Pensions And Increasing Age

Private provision is essential In relation to the statutory pension discussions prevailing in Germany for a long time. While politically hot over the retirement age has been debated, the citizens above all to the amount of their pension are concerned. But the Germans are not alone however. Similar problems can be observed in other European countries. The finance portal geld.de informs about the situation in other countries and the importance of private interest.

Today, a private pension insurance is essential. It protects against poverty in the age and ensures that people can maintain their standard of living. In a survey by TNS Emnid nearly two-thirds of the participants estimated their financial situation in the age as rather good. Almost 30 per cent presented their future standard of living but as a rather bad to very bad. Only seven percent of the 619 respondents were optimistic and predicted a great future.

While in Germany the retirement at 67 long since decided, in other European countries is still debated. The French are considering an increase in the retirement age from 60 to 62 years, is an increase from 61.5 to 65 years in Greece and Spain is planning the retirement at 67. Contract according to current statistics, approximately 14 million German citizens have a Riester. The conditions vary depending on the provider. A conclusion may be worth even in old age and shortly before retirement.

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