So you’re ready to make your own website? Very well, taking into account the enormous potential that offers you to create your own web site. BUT! Make a website can be very confusing, especially when you don’t have the proper orientation. In truth, this article is intended for beginner and person who doesn’t know where to start to make your own web site. But good if you decide to hire a web developer to create your site, then by all means still ahead. For those like me who cannot really afford this service, no doubt this is an economical way to which you have to use. The point is that there are options and when you go through the process of designing your own web site, know that is really worth the effort and time.

In just a few minutes, you can make a web site for business or personal use. In fact, need little or no knowledge of HTML or programming. So where do you start? Taking into account that you already know that market wishes to attack and the purpose of your site, these ready to move to the next step. It you’re going to need is the following to build your website: 1. you will need KompoZer. This web editor (software application for the creation of web pages) can be obtained free of charge. The good news is that there are KompoZer versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. You only have to select the appropriate for your operating system.

2 You will need a web hosting service to publish your pages. For the beginner, a web hosting service is (simply speaking) a company which has computers that are permanently connected to the Internet. After designing your web page, you will have to transfer your site to your web hosting provider computer (called a web server), as far as the rest of the world can see it. There are numerous web hostings via the internet that you can arrange everything, and affordable also. There are other things involved in getting your first web site in operation, such as: * obtain your own domain name * create a user-friendly web site for search engines * promote your web site Do you want to know how to create your web site and have it running with a professional design in only 240 minutes?

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