Makarenko Work

It consists of the fact that all of this at one point was presented to the children’s legs by their parents. This was done out of great love for their children, but also it was earned more parental work. To change consumer attitude to all children around, you should use a system Makarenko Work-Creation-education through discipline. Please visit Thredup if you seek more information. With creativity is more or less understandable, it is now easy to do. One should pay attention to work and education through discipline. At what age should a child begin to work? From the moment he learned to handle at least one gun Labor hammer, screwdriver, a shovel, a needle and thread, etc. At this point it is already possible to comprehend the basics of labor.

The sooner the better. You should not try to protect the child from work. In his own work a child begins to appreciate things that surround it. This awareness will be transferred gradually to the rest. Ultimately, children will be able to understand the value of human communication as to establish relations with another person – it’s too much work.

Strict discipline. Modern pedagogy offers little as possible to limit a child in its development. They say that while their mistakes do not learn, do not understand. Therefore, he must give complete freedom. No way! I do not call limit your child’s rights to freedom. But the concept of discipline within the family should be established at an early age. Discipline serves as a support for the child until he appears in the core discipline. After his appearance would be to remove the outer prop and a person can move himself inwardly confident and disciplined. Disciplined people have a greater inner strength, they are more efficient, tough and strong spirit. This process is similar to nurturing the young trees. Initially, we put a prop to a young sapling broke wind. But once the seedling gain strength, support removed, and the tree will stand on their own for many years and give new shoots. It is important that when you install the disciplinary rules for children to explain why they are installed. The main thing to spend with your child and tell frank discussions, which are installed or that rules. If you succeed, then the child will accept them and will follow them. The process of education is very complex and multifaceted. I’m not saying that this system is the only correct one. But this system has already been tested and gave good results.

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