Management Indicators Of The Site

The key element of a code is your informative indicators are key figures. The formation and evaluation of indicators initially assumes that it is aware of the limits of their country. So must be that key figures are often static in their mathematical formalization and not always exactly timely reflect the dynamics of expiring site processes not overlooked. Not lost sight static figures be should that historical figures allow only conditional statements about the present, and even less information about the future can reflect only keyword tags-related situations and thus capture not movements for periods of time. I.e., indicators should be interpreted not isolated, but map is always a certain classification (such as, for example, a system of location economy) must leave. Integrated performance measurement systems are always means purpose relationships that derive from the site mission statement (STEL) and development concept (STEK). The most important element of the code but you remain Informative, to quantify even complicated facts in a concentrated form. The computational code separation will only bear fruit if it leads to code bundles, that makes sense to associate existing information.

Bundle of code have the task to explain the key ratio of the system analysis regarding the factors they dimensioning. Therefore the answering of the questions is of the essence of a performance measurement system for proportionality (by comparison) and causation (with code separation). Any of the factors should be collected with a consistently uniform structure and processes, such as: name and short description of the used location counter value range and framework of interpretation of the indicator calculation rule unit number, euro, including is value set value current rating should review tables of location factors in particular for the measurement of success by indicators are supplemented. Sites have usually already a number of indicators developed, which can also serve as measurement indicators. Indicators will be charged in addition also regularly planning associations.

Other indicators can be deployed on specific site statistics and analysis. There is thus no reason to shy away from indicators may be too complicated and expensive. The existing mostly already covers a large part of the necessary for a survey of the sites. In the context of a number of site publications, for example, Becker, Jorg: location indicators I. performance levels on the ground sensors on the location pulse, 2010; ISBN 978 3 1823 8 are indicators and procedures, including a comparison methodology with weights, explains in detail. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker

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