Marketing Time

I love sometimes to pick up a book on personal development or business and plunge into the reading process. Somehow reading one of these, discovered once the new definition of the word 'family'. The fact that it was written, strongly rezanulo eyes and made think, if only because that was taught differently, namely that the family – is sacred, and here the author has submitted all in a different light, as it told the reality. Finally understand the meaning of this definition had a chance after some time since concept of life long ago formed, and change them is not so easy, at least, not so fast. Actually the wording was: 'The family – a mini-factory workers and soldiers for the state. " For someone is not news, maybe even an ordinary interpretation of the real situation, but after reading it was already very difficult to call themselves free and independent. Add to your understanding with Rob Daley. Automatically start to feel a million cogs of a large mechanism, in which you use to produce a specific result, which is necessary to someone, but not you. Understand what you are being manipulated to very few people like it, but not everyone who wants to escape from these shackles will be able to find a way out and declare the result of its independence. The complexity of finding solutions in this situation for most people is the lack of necessary knowledge and as a consequence of stereotyped view on the possibility of choosing them, as well as the lack of like-minded or, even worse, as in my case, lack thereof.

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