Markets Remain Uncertain

Experts warn too much euphoria In the coming year, the DAX the mark of 10 000 points will skip. Every fifth asset managers in a survey of DAB Bank has issued this assessment. More than half of the respondents see the DAX still between 8 500 and 10 000 points. The stock market professionals in the financial services procurenta, however, warn against too much euphoria and recommend reputable market assessments. You are thus in line with the so-called five pundits”, which have forecast a modest growth of 1.6 percent decline in the gross domestic product by five percent for 2010. In particular the developments in currency markets could have great impact on the economic situation in Germany in the coming year. A decline in the dollar will be problematic for exporting nations such as Germany in the global competition”, says procurenta CEO Gert Burmeister. He fears even economic disputes between the United States and China as a result of Currency turmoil in Europe could be involved.

If commodity prices don’t in a stagnant economy, would be the danger of (imported) inflation. Then, the ECB and FED banks would be forced to raise interest rates. “Burmeister: good economic news would be bad news for the interest rate landscape and the stock markets.” Equally, the recent record highs in the gold price might be an indication for an imminent rise in inflation according to Burmeister as also a result of the diversification of the emerging markets with respect to their foreign exchange reserves and the fears of currency turbulence. “Because currently still no clear trends in the international financial markets make up, Burmeister advises investors to short-term strategies: vote with the Adviser of you can trust, but not long-term committed.” Also withholding tax aspects is crucial for a successful strategy. This is true both for the Financial expert Burmeister stressed single time investment of capital, as well as for the ratierliche investment in savings plans long-term on”. Well advised investors could take special advantage of the currently favorable price situation on the market.

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