Who is not masked? All Human being with material vestment does not show the true face, therefore it has to use some disguises to protect itself. However, briefly, it will be forced by the route of the evolution to show to its face spiritual and to become free itself to be really ditoso. Masked 3 Ahead of it a fire goes that consumes it the enemies in redor. The 4 its lightning alumiam the world; the land sees and estremece to them. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 97:3 and 4.

When the mask of all people will be removed, will not be a cloud, Occulting the mind. It is the scythe, he is vindima, That together they mold the sina Of the right and good men. That they long for to follow the MASTER With straightness of word and act, Showing in fact, the true privacy. Who will not be prepared to suffer this mutation, will not be then In the New Jerusalem Where the people of Good Will only be able to live. It will occur with the man As the fruit that consumes. When the rind removes it Is the good a to be degustada mass. However, always it happens, When the fruit apodrece, and cannot be saboreado. The vile man weakens Of it if he forgets and he runs away from the Face of GOD.

It will be launched to other lands Stops in them Giving good fruits. Of each masked one it will be taken off What it is bad. that one that at last Will have something of beauty Will be part of the royalty Of the MASTER JESUS. Each one will show Stops with JESUS being based itself In its Throne.

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