They try to without more hoarding responsibilities, faenas, chores, and assume obligations as large amount of functions, which only aim demonstrate how indispensable that are at the heart of the Organization for which they work. They prefer fall rendered exhaustion, that delegate, since this poses a threat to his position. It is inscribed in its DNA that’s: that he went to Seville, he lost his chair. We will also identify them by being leaders unable to teach what they know, they also tend to think that they know everything. Like cats, territorial animals that both males and females organize and defend their territory by marking it with urine, pheromones or scratches, marks that constitute communication signals that other cats understand, so affected by the syndrome of Cronos leader marks his territory, and tries to prevent that any subordinate intended to undermine its stability in his post. To be a style of leadership based on fear, and attacking the domain and personal knowledge of the leader, dispossessing him of all control over himself, affects to the style control and managerial quality, preventing a correct mood management, oriented to offer well-being and development of all members of the organization.Very often, when you start a labor career in an organization, be idealizes the same management, and employee satisfaction.

However, on many occasions, little by little, one is going realizing that there are behaviours and totalitarian leadership behaviors that prevent overcome, and that condemn a difficult to cope with stagnation. Sometimes due mostly to lock imposed by the direct superior, affected by the syndrome of Cronos, and prey to his paranoid fears, that end up resulting in a decline in productivity.It seems that as you ascending slightly in the pyramid of responsibilities and commitments of the Organization, distrust of colleagues, and the fear of losing the status achieved, begin in many leaders to make his appearance. Any desire of those who want to lend you a hand is viewed with mistrust and suspicion. The loneliness of the post is is live when glued to the Chair. Perhaps for this reason, many charismatic leaders have committed their biggest mistakes at the top of their careers. Insecurity and personal fears, are complemented perfectly with managerial positions and equipment monitoring. Something, in his day, studied by McClelland who concluded that the individual presents a need for power, and it clings to him under his personal insecurity.

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