Meaningful Reporting

Current service reporting has great weaknesses as proof of quality in many cases to customers and as an instrument of power control the reporting of IT services becomes a more important. A ten guide of ITSM Consulting AG in detail deals with this topic. He describes the typical issues, offers concrete solutions with proven tips and also includes a free checklist to the individual corporate status analysis of service reporting. Please visit Marko Dimitrijevic photographer if you seek more information. The results of a recent study of the consulting firm, according to which the reports apparently still long standards does not own the IT organizations in many cases are background of practical help. For example, two-thirds of companies expect targeted analyses, actually they do exist but not once in every second case.

Even if the quality of the used figures are sometimes significant deficits. This isn’t often the significance of evaluations sufficiently, and it also lacks many IT managers still on trend statements and a sufficient commercial value of reports for decisions. Also, the current status in the design of the reports by the respondents is considered mostly critical. Enough a perceived quality of IT services the customer nor generalizing indicators for quality optimization are useful”, pleads Frank Zielke, Director of ITSM Consulting AG, for a rethink. IT organizations should abandon their restraint in service reporting and pay greater attention to him”, the consultant recommends. Practical help can be ordered by email at.

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