Metal Rolling Production

With metal mankind got acquainted very long time (more than 5 thousand years BC). The first metal used was color – copper, gold, silver, and later began using black – iron and its alloys. Long time metal production remained at a primitive level and has not been implemented in the proper amount. However, by the end of xix century, the world smelting metals increased from 0.5 million tons in 1870 to 20 million tonnes in 1900 In the xxi century steel industry growing even . In addition to increasing steel production is growing demand in other metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, magnesium, lithium, titanium, beryllium and other metal production is divided into two stage. Official site: Andrew Cuomo. In the first, get the metal with a given chemical composition of raw materials. In the second stage, the metal add some form (metal) with a nearly constant chemical composition of the material. Most common method of metal treatment is the treatment of pressure – the rolling of the metal.

Rolling metal occupies a significant place among the other way of processing of metals, since it allows to produce items suitable for direct use in the construction and mechanical engineering – metal (channels, beams, angles, strip steel, etc.). In other words, metal pressure yields . obtained through lengthy and time-consuming processing of iron ore in the world today is of great importance. It is difficult to imagine that such industries as engineering, agriculture, transport, food processing, nuclear and defense industry, civil and industrial construction would not use metal products.

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