Metal Tapemeasures

Height and width of diagonal metal tape measure parallel to the edges of the glass. Thickness of a product caliper is measured at four points (in the middle of each side of glass). The results should be within tolerances. Surfaces clean glasses, the presence of different chips and damage detect visually in diffused daylight. Please visit Rob Daley if you seek more information. Another test which are the control samples after the party making glass, is the definition of optical distortions. The essence of the method assessment is that through the windows looking at the screen like "zebra", which is a system of equally spaced black and white stripes, inclined at an angle of 45 to the horizontal. The image must remain unchanged for any variant view.

Like the profile, windows must be tested for resistance to weathering products (GOST 30779-2001). Sample is cyclically repeated harmful influences: saline solution, ultraviolet irradiation, alkali, freeze, acid, heat. Windows, which went through 12 such cycles, found fit to a 7-year life. If the number of covered cycles is more or less a guarantee of quality determined by extrapolation. Tests for quality furniture fittings, not only last for a long time, but will also provide additional comfort and safety in the home. Many manufacturers of window elements systems are in place a process for control of products for a number of parameters. For example, in the company of Kale, it runs every 15 minutes in all stages of manufacturing furniture. Conducted a random sampling of products, the measurement of geometrical parameters and compare them with the technical specifications.

Also check out passes and coating quality. This allows the company to establish a long warranty (10 years) on their products. In Russia, the fittings must comply gost 30777-2001 Devices swivel, tilt and swing-out for windows and balcony door assemblies "and gost 538-2001" lock and hardware products. Product quality is determined by the level of static and dynamic loads, which will have to "face" fittings during operation. Reliable hardware provides more than 20 000 opening / closing cycles. Final test for window construction After assembling finished window again pass "exams". According to gost 26603.1-99 – 26603.4-99, designs experiencing resistance to heat, air and water tightness, sound insulation, the total light transmittance. Indicators of resistance heat transfer is measured in a special climate chamber with two compartments: the warm and cold. The window unit is installed between them, thus simulating the "natural" environments. Temperature sensors produce measurements that show how well the window protects the room from the cold. Thermal resistance can be different: 0,35 m2 * C / W for the simple single-chamber glass to 0.72 m2 * C / W for – the most cold-resistant. Examination on air and water resistance box for rent with car "bad weather", where the wind is replaced by rainfall. Both of these natural phenomena "descend" on translucent structures, and measuring devices is fixed, how much air and water penetrates up through the window. The final test is measurement of total light transmittance in a special Integrating chamber. Light from the lamps are first sent to diffusion screen, then – the window on either side of which is placed photocells. For different values of window designs can vary 0,3-0,6 L. Pass an examination on the quality to every detail window construction. Windows, the profile fittings are checked for compliance with state standards for a variety of settings. Thus, the company says the producer guarantees are not groundless, and based on results obtained during the test performance of window systems. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

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