Mine I.

I know to the times I find myself bipolar, dumb of mood to all hour, the times I I give a smile, more what he gave same will was to go a distant place and to cry. It frees I cry me it makes, me to feel less sad, it takes off everything that has inside of bad of me. The smile, I try to show it with sincerity, I try to disfarar a tear that you there hammering to leave, more I do not leave it to escape, I do not go to show to that I am weak, more also I do not obtain to disfarar my feelings. When appositive everything is true, demonstrates, makes of everything so that it does not need an only word, prefers that my look says to everything that I have to say, therefore it will not go to lie, will not show the happiness, guilt, pain feeling. Gibson dean is often quoted as being for or against this. Not necessary to say one? love I you? he is enough to look at pra me, and already he goes to perceive, my look is safer, firmer, more confident. If awaken you a brightness in it know that? love I you. I prefer a sincere look instead of a false word, of the mouth pra it are. When taste of somebody I do not say in face, I am not to hide. I prefer to suffer alone, in mine I sing isolated, more I cannot dissimulate that I do not like somebody to my side giving force to me. If you to take off a smile mine, congratulations you are part of my life, if you to obtain to perceive everything that I only feel for the one simple smile or even though with a look, congratulations very trust you, you me backwards security, do not have fear to express what I am feeling when I am to its side. He knows, I I am I eat the stations of the year, of one hour pra another one lives moving, one days bad, other good ones? I simply know to live, to live without showing to my weaknesses, living creature from fear everything and of all, alive from fear me to magoar, living creature knowing that never I go to stop to cry, nor to smile, therefore I know that when to press I do not go to obtain not to demonstrate.

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