Moacir Competitive

The strategical diagnosis can be compared with a on digital radar 24 hours per day, always soon to catch and to keep brought up to date the knowledge of the company in relation to the environment and proper itself, aiming at to permanently identify and to monitor the competitive 0 variable that affect its performance. It is on the basis of the strategical diagnosis that the company will go to anticipate itself to the changes and to prepare itself to act in its internal and external environments. To know to use the instruments of the planning of coherent form can be an excellent competitive weapon. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT A VISO BASEADA EM RECURSOS (RBV) The vision based on the resources of the company has great impact in the strategical thought and> organizacional knowledge as one of the most significant strategical resources under the current competitive conditions. Competition based on abilities. Oliveiras Jr Sommer and Colombini (2001), affirm that the companies possess knowledge spread and shared for all, called implicit knowledge that are some knowledge that had been externados and infused in the products and services of the company and today they are part of day-by-day.

(to work the spiral of the knowledge). In the vision based on resources the organizations are seen as a set of resources and capacities that cannot freely be bought and vendidas in the market (Wernerfelt, 1984). To the measure that these resources and specific capacities of the organization generate economic benefits and cannot perfectly be duplicates for the competitors they can be sources of sustainable competitive advantage. In this direction, the organizacional knowledge can be the bedding of a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization, advantage this understanding as attainment of ‘ ‘ performance superior’ ‘ of an organization on its excessively competing. CONSULTED BIBLIOGRAPHY OLIVEIRA Jr, Moacir M.; SOMMER, Phillip S. and COLOMBINI, Fabiano.

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