MPC Open Fleet

Investors to shoot without any prospect of capital preservation 12prozent to caution is already necessary for investors, because on the basis of the figures of the new financial arrangements already 58.7% of the investors invest capital must considered to be lost. For the years 2025-2027, namely just flows provided by 41.3% in Vista. What does the financing concept for an investor with a nominal stake of 20,000.00? In the Fund “MPC open fleet”-MS “Santa B vessels” GmbH & co. KG-invested investors in the years 2006 and 2007 over 177 million. On the MPC second market Portal 5% of the drawing as the purchase price offered currently (booth 23.07.2012). Now, it shall set a capital increase, which on September 10 for more details could learn about the investors on a briefing.

The decision-making process over the long overdue, almost 24 million serious restructuring will be but in writing what until 28 September time, so the Trust limited partner in a circular letter of August 28, 2012. After nearly four months a restructuring plan is finally already presented by letter of May 10, 2012 contract shipping company and founding partner, the shipping company of Claus-Peter had announced openly that it will not go down without “a capital margin of 8-10%”. The reason given was this, that it after 2009 unabsehbarer way again a substantial decline of in Charter rates have given in 2011. This was due to cut-throat competition of the world’s largest shipping companies for market share “triggered. In view of the fact that the Fund MPC open has awarded fleet so far only 4%, means of the now proposal for investors that they must take fresh money in the hand 8% in any case, to save its stake.

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