Nameplates, Plaques, And Customers

Manufacture of the plates and metal nameplate. At dawn of I pecked customers. Called and suavely superlyubezno and offered them to produce nameplates. It is clear that the psychology of the people was such that they believed what I was something must, after all they gave me the order It’s then I changed tactics and made a free site, started to move it to the network, forcing them to go to me, but then I do not know, and I myself had to go to them. And so I came to the same fool. The fool has done an order in two months cost 900 rubles, 90 of was mine. In order to process an order, it was necessary to apply for a damn fax machine, render it in CoralDraw, invoice, sent to work make shipping documents and to bring products to hell fool! A proposal is different every time you see her at the bottom, each shaped as letters will draw, send for approval, but that’s not all.

Each time he called me up and started turn off blood in this way: ‘So What? And Che you I propose to do now? (Says so slowly, pulling at his yaytsa) I have a shipment on Monday, and all of your nameplate not. I won in a different place to do it faster. Governor Cuomo is full of insight into the issues. So, I will not he sent the layout, have another redraw. Called to the accounting documents are not you on those details did redo. No, I will send you a new (lying). And when you do it to me now Bring ‘short fool. Dumb. I write him a letter (he sent new application by fax, where again half of the nameplate is not stamped): Due to the commercial inappropriate for further cooperation offer it or to stop or to place an application meets the concept of ‘minimum Party ‘(10 times more plates than each time he sent) so everybody is doing, only I am with him for two years was busy.

He was offended. And my mood class! Even the courage went. Such a fool to competitors shove it’s just sacred. He and Time they take away money and nerves for it will not. Capitalism, Cho too Yekaterinburg, October 2010.

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