National Assembly

Since the Sandinista judges not summoned all their Liberal peersBefore retiring from his offices of the tribunal, after completed the workday had not had news of that announcement had any “to learn of that judgment, complained Martinez.el former President of Parliament and constitutional expert Cairo Manuel Lopez told AFP that Sandinista judges committed excess of power” in deciding on a topic on which only the legislative branch is empowered. The judges have acted outside the scope of its competence; They have become legislators and a constituent () this should be resolved by the CSJ in the heart and speak out openly against this sentence. Otherwise, be perverts the right “to those who are within the law, know the scope and impact of powers, this case is definitely significant, of what is possible when handling the power, how to act. Not the slightest doubt, that there is a serious conflict between the powers of the State. A conflict of competences between the National Assembly and the Court Supreme of Justice before there is this reality where serious legal irregularities, opposition manifested: the party Liberal Constitucionalista (PLC), the Nicaraguan democratic base (BDN), the Sandinista renewal movement (MRS) and the Alianza Liberal Nicaraguense (ALN), with the presence of the Superior Council of private enterprise (Cosep) and the Chamber of Commerce American of Nicaragua (Amcham), signed a statement which also created five committees, although they did not define the actions of each one of them. We are confident that there is a decision within the moral ethics, values, justice that avoid these irregularities are manifest and maintain democracy as a beacon of light necessary to ensure development, justice and equity, especially in countries so long-suffering Nicaragua cone.

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