National Bank

Worried about the growth of the antiamericanismo in Western Europe by the measures of the Marshall Plan proposed by the American government, it proposed an international conference in which the opinion leaders of European countries and the United States they would be reunited with the aim of promoting the understanding between many cultures. Retinger invited prince Bernardo of the Netherlands, who accepted to promote the idea, along with prime minister Belgian Paul van Zeeland. The list of guests would be made so that there were two assistants of each nation, each of them to represent the preservative and progressive point of view. The success of the encounter animated to the organizers to prepare an annual conference. A Committee of permanent Direction was created and Retinger was designated permanent secretary. Like it organized the conference, the direction committee also maintained a registry of names of assistants and details of contact, with the aim of creating an informal network of individuals that could be invited an a others in private.

The declared intention of the Bilderberg Group was to make a knot around a political line common between the United States and Europe in opposition to Russia and the Comunism. The Dutch economist Ernst they go to der Beugel assumed the control like permanent secretary in 1960, after the death of Retinger. Prince Bernardo continued serving like president of the meeting until his own death, in 2004 remembers to us that in 2009 Bilderberg he took place in Vouliagmeni, a coastal municipality to the south of Athens. This meeting they attended the Greek ministers of finances, outer subjects and the governor of the National Bank of Greece. Few months later this country was in bankruptcy and the streets of Athens were witness of serious disturbances by the program of adjustment imposed to the Greek government on the part of the European Union.

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