National Census

The national Census on street population 1 National Census on population of street presented for the MDS disclosed points that already became to notice in some cities. With a questionnaire applied composed for 20 questions, it disclosed to be the masculine sex (82%), the figure of bigger presence in the context of the street. For other opinions and approaches, find out what ShareThis has to say. It was evidenced that 74% of these citizens were alfabetizados, dominating the reading and the writing, with 50% of conclusion of basic education. More than the half of this population had the superior age the 20 years (52%). The data had shown that 27.9% of these citizens were of black origin.

How much to the places that they used to sleep, 50% of the interviewed ones had more than disclosed that they used to the streets and 8.3% look to the shelters or other institutions of the civil society alternating with the life in the street. Approximately 48% of the interviewed ones were far from the familiar conviviality more than the two years, when questioned on the main reasons that had directed its lives for the street, they had alleged the familiar unemployment and conflicts and the envolvement with alcohol and/or drugs. Amongst the three determinative index of alcoholism and/or drugs it reached 35.5% percentile greater between all pointers. In as place it was the question of the unemployment with 29,8% and finally place, the familiar conflicts in the 29,1% order. In analysis on the resultant factor of the migratory displacement, one showed that 45.3% had left its cities in job search and a quantitative one of 18,4% had abandoned its familiar ones for misunderstandings. How much to this question 58%%, a little the half had more than been identified as deriving of the same city where they had been found at the moment of the research or next places, a resident time that 51.9% migraram of a city for another one and had mentioned to be in that place for having familiar and/or relatives in the searched city.

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